Motherhood is full on and sometimes I need a break from my child. I love him dearly but looking after myself means I can look after my son... 

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  1. I definitely need breaks. In fact, I build them in right after lunch when my kids are home all day. We call it “break time.” The kids play quietly in their own rooms and I lay down on my bed in the dark for 45 minutes. It’s a break from the sensory stimulation and chaos of the normal day with kiddos. If I sense I’m feeling overwhelmed, I try to let them know I’m taking a break before I go crazy!

    1. That’s such an amazing thing you’re doing because you’re teaching your kids that it’s okay to take a break out too when they need it. The days can be so full on, loud and active that a break and a ‘reset’ just helps everyone. It sounds like you have a very nice break time 🙂

  2. This is such a great post. Thank you for being so open about this topic that a lot of mothers don’t feel comfortable admitting. Breaks are so important for your sanity, your well being, and for helping make you a better mother.

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