Have you got the latest tool to grow your blog? Are you researching like mad to find out what it is? This is the single most important tool you'll ever need. Is it what you thought it would be?

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  1. Hi Krystal, that’s a great point that content is the cornerstone of blog growth!

    And definitely it’s not tools that make you grow.

    However, I wouldn’t say great content is the only thing you should focus on:
    1. Many successful guys say they spend at least as much time promoting their content as on creating it, especially in the early days. Most people like creation much more than going around and plugging your content wherever possible, but generally the ones who get noticed are ones who shout louder.
    2. Proper keywords are very important in the long-term. You might get great spike from social after publishing each post, but it’s Google/Pinterest traffic that creates compounding effects from those 50-200-2000 published articles. And wrong (unpopular/competitive) keywords result in hundreds of content pieces with close to zero organic traffic. And this is where good tools are critical.


  2. Hi Krystal!
    Just discovered your blog today and I just love your content. You give great blogging advice. And your blog is so pretty and professional. I love it. Thank you for all the advice. I can’t wait till I have enough post in mine. So many things to do! Will be coming back to read some more

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