When looking where you can cut costs, check out these 15 things you should stop buying to save money so you can achieve your financial goals sooner.

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  1. Agree, but I don’t do most of these anyway. I do disagree that kindle books are “significantly cheaper” than printed books. I’ve seen many books where the paperback or hardback are cheaper than the kindle version. Not to mention, like all digital media, we don’t “own”, just lease when we purchase. And if the digital rights or permissions change, at the whim of the owner, they can delete the item off your tablet, phone, ipod. I’ve had music and magazine subscriptions deleted after I “bought” them.. I will still buy the CD that I can get for $11 when they want to charge me $1/each for the 16 songs on the CD. If you only want a song ot two, then it’s a bargain..

    Buyer beware. Seriously, digital media rights are not in consumers favor.

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