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The One Thing That Helps Me Complete My To Do List

In case you don’t already know… I’m a massive fan of lists. I have lists for just about everything. Most of the time if it’s not on the list, there’s no chance it will be remembered or it will be done.

My absolute favourite list is my daily to do list. It keeps me on track for the day both in my home life and business life. I write everything on my list, from making my son’s lunch for daycare through to any business tasks that need completing.

But there’s no point in writing a to do list if you have no intention of actually doing it.

There are times when we also write so much on our to do list that we can feel a little overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.

This is why it is so important to have a system in place. How do you plan to complete your to do list? When are you going to write it?

Having a to do list is fantastic... but it's only good if you actually complete it. Here's the one thing that helps me complete my to do list everyday.

I’m quite systematic with mine. I always write my to do list the night before – this way I have a clear idea of what I am doing the next day and I can plan my day. If there are errands I need to run then I can batch them all at once and do them all in one go. I can segment my to do list so that I am more efficient and can work well in getting my list done.

But there’s one particular thing I do everyday that helps me complete my to do list and it’s so simple.

Once I’ve finished writing my list the night before, I pick one simple task off the list and I do it.

You see… when I get up the next morning my to do list has already been started and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Having just one item ticked off my list gives me a totally different outlook for the day. Before my feet have even hit the floor, I’ve started achieving things.

The item you choose to do doesn’t have to be huge, it can be as simple as getting lunches ready, scheduling social media posts or putting the rubbish bins out for collection.

It’s the simple habits we create that make the biggest difference in our lives.

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