A minimalist wardrobe showing a collection of clothes hanging on a rack and a hat

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  1. Hi there and greetings from Poland! Such a lovely and useful blog you have, congrats. One remark regarding the point “Socks With Holes In Them”. This kind of holes is really easy to repair. I woludn’t recommend throwing them away – considering how much we are littering the environment 🙂

    1. Such a great point about socks with holes! Usually, I have holes so big in my socks that they are threadbare and beyond repair! But I’m sure if I got to them earlier they would have been easily fixed!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been on a closet clean out too. Little by little I look at those pants and think I should keep them. There is nothing wrong with them…but I haven’t worn them in 5 years. Out they go to the thrift! I just came back from a trip… bought a blouse, got home & the color or fit is less than wonderful. I do that on vacation and think I must have this unusual whatever! I can recall 3times now that I’ve bought something, got home and went… UGH! Thank you!

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