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11 Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

With Valentines Day just around the corner it is an opportunity for us to remember the importance of just taking some time out with our other half and making sure we show our appreciation for one another. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying into the hype of Valentines Day (although I won’t argue with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates… thank you very much) and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

There are tons of great ways to enjoy Date Night without spending a fortune. Here’s a list of my favourite 13 Date Night ideas:

Have you ever been stuck for a date night idea? You want to indulge but you're worried about how expensive dates can get? Here's 11 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break the Budget.

1 – Grab a pillow and blanket and head out to the trampoline.

On a clear night, head outdoors and turn the trampoline into an outdoor bed. Take a hot chocolate and biscuits if it’s cold, otherwise just snuggle under the blankets and watch the stars.

2 – Take a class together.

Ever wanted to try something new? Each take turns in picking out a new class to try. We tried this one out recently when I wanted to start yoga classes again. The studio we went to offered the first class for free. It was a great new class for us both, gave us heaps to talk about and best of all – it was free.

3 – Pack a picnic dinner.

Who says picnics are just for lunches? Pack some of each other’s favourite foods, grab a picnic blanket and sit back at your favourite outdoors spot to relax. This might mean heading down to the beach (at night, gorgeous), sitting in the park or by a lake.

4 – Cook a romantic dinner together.

Take the time to plan your menu, go grocery shopping together and then get into the kitchen. Cooking together is a great way to communicate with each other while relaxing over a glass of wine. Set the dining table as you would see in a restaurant and make sure you have the candles lit. Dress yourself up and make a real date of it.

5 – Game Night.

This might not be the best idea for a romantic night, especially for those of you who are super competitive… like me, but it is still fun nonetheless. Pick your favourite board games, grab a glass of wine and some nibbles and settle in for a night of competitive fun and banter.

6 – Go people watching.

This is one of my favourite things to do and it is surprising how much watching others sparks up conversation between the people you are with. Find somewhere a little busy where you can sit back, relax and have a drink. Watch as others go by and scurry on about their lives around you. There’s a whole lot of incredibly interesting people out there who will offer a myriad of topics for conversation.

7 – Pool Night and Pub Trivia.

Check out your local pubs to see if they have a trivia night. These are usually free to enter and you can win some pretty awesome prizes. Even if you’re not the greatest when it comes to general knowledge questions, you’ll still have fun and have a laugh. After the trivia is done, migrate over to the pool tables and keep a bit of the competitive spirit going. To spice things up a little more make little bets with each other – such as ‘If I win… you’ll give me a 20 minute foot massage.’

8 – Go for a big long walk or hike.

This one is more of a ‘date day’ idea (I certainly would not be hiking at night…). Have a look online and see if there are any National Parks or walking tracks near you and plan your day. Make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks as well as letting someone know where you are going for the day, especially if it’s somewhere quite remote.

9 – Scrapbook your dream house.

Grab a whole bunch of housing magazines and a glass of wine and start ripping out pages of things you love. Keep them all together either in a folder or scrapbook and keep adding to it from time to time. When it comes to decorating or building your dream home you’ll already have a great base to start from as well as both being on the same page. In addition this can make you both more motivated to move towards your dream home.

10 – Playlist Night.

Spend the night sharing your favourite songs from your playlist. As you work your way through the songs, share with each other why you love the song and what it reminds you of. You’d be amazed at what you learn about each other.

11 – A Sweet Night.

Have a dessert only night where you head out to a restaurant or late night café and only order dessert. You may even have a chocolate bar close by where you can order a sample plate with a nice cup of coffee and just slowly work your way through the sweet delights. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in some sweet treats and forget that you were supposed to have quit sugar (whoops).

If you’re struggling to find time to spend with your significant other now’s the time to just make it happen. What’s your favourite thing to do for Date Nights? Share your thoughts and date night ideas below; I’d love to hear from you.

Naveen mayura

Monday 9th of February 2015

Nice ideas Krysty, I love the idea Cook a romantic dinner together. keep blogging

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